No Shits Left To Give

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You remember a few weeks ago when I posted about burnout? Wellll, I didn’t take my own advice.

Let me explain; my specific dispatch center is in limbo. We currently don’t have a director. We’re kind of like a ship lost at sea. Don’t get me wrong, our interim director is doing the best they can do. But for all intents and purposes, everything has pretty much been put on hold: no training, no shift changes, nothing.

We have a staff full of people trying to throw their weight around. Do you know what happens when you put a bunch of supervisors, some with less than 2 years of dispatch experience, who think they know everything into a room with other dispatchers who think they know everything? Mayhem. Arguments. Constant complaints.

At this point, it’s those constant complaints that have me seeing red. One group blames dayshift for everything and then the nightshift blames dayshift for everything else. Nobody can do anything right across the board. It’s a bunch of finger pointing and displaced anger.

I go to work to do my job and go home. On a good day, I’ll answer a call that makes a difference or catch a unit’s location right as they scream it across the radio during a fight. Those are the days I live for. Every other day, it seems, I go to work to hear other shifts complain. I’m worn down. At this point, my will to go to work and do anything more than the bare minimum is gone.

To Feel Lost In A Familiar Place

I’m secretly hoping that I have a distant relative who is a Nigerian King and he’s going to bail me out of my current work situation. To say that I’m burned out is beyond true.

Getting up and going to work is getting harder and harder by the day. The shits that I give about anything work-related are almost 100% non-existent.

I’m left continually asking myself at this point, “What are you going to do?”

The short answer to that question is, “I have no idea.”

Public service is all I’ve done my entire adult life. More importantly, it’s all I know. I started on the road as a young pup. Barely legal to carry a gun legally, I was the youngest one on my police department.

I’m stuck in a spot where I feel like I need to take the closest exit to a regular job. I need to find a Monday through Friday 8-4 with weekends and holidays off. I need a normal life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d probably keep a part-time dispatch spot, just because it’s who I am, but I’m so cooked.

At any given moment I’m probably secretly day dreaming of walking into work and pulling an angry panda move.

Have no fears, I’m not going to go postal on anybody. I’m actually fairly level headed with just a tiny mean streak.

So Here I Am At The Crossroads

I feel like I’m stuck in that Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day.” It’s the same thing. Every. Damn. Day.

It doesn’t stop! Oddly enough, I’m not the only one that’s feeling this way.

We’re 3 angry dispatchers away from having a staffing crisis at any given time.

How do we sort this business out?! Where do I go from here? Do I tough it out and hang on to see what’s coming. Or do I stick around and listen to the incessant whining?

I know I’m not the only one that has faced this issue. Furthermore, I realize that this issue is not in any way unique to me or my center.

With that being said, what does everybody else do when faced with this situation!? Seriously, WHAT DO YOU DO!?

Above all, how does everybody else keep their sanity!?

NO, REALLY, HOW DO YOU DO IT!? 18 years in the business and I’m about to go crazy over some petty bullshit!

This is my cry for help! See that area down towards the bottom for comments? LEAVE ME SOME! I need advice!

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