LEOWife Life

At first I was a patrol officer. The ONLY female on in my entire county. I loved my job and I loved the guys I worked with. They were family and have never treated me as anything other than family. When I resigned from my police job due to health reasons, I was GIVEN a position in a dispatch center. Dispatch was NEVER something I wanted or planned on doing. I’m hard headed, stubborn, and opinionated. Overly-polite customer service was never my strong point. I KNEW I could do the job. I figured it would be easy. And it was. But when I started in the dispatch center, I was told, “Stay away from the officers.” Something that had NEVER been said to me before. Most simply because I was one of them, a member of the blue line family. To be quite frank, I was never a fan of dispatchers and often wondered what dispatchers thought of those of us on the road. I found out quickly. VERY quickly. Dispatchers LOVE their officers. Some more so than others. And some dispatchers LOVE their officers when they probably shouldn’t.

Clearly, I also got sucked into the dispatcher/LEO love cycle. It’s ok, though! I was single and he was single. He saw me one night and told his intern he was going to marry me. Months later we’re friends and he asked me out on a date. It very well may have been my favorite date ever. And I loved it even more because it was my last first date (fingers crossed). What we have works. I vent to him about work and he vents to me. Nothing stays bottled up. He gets valid suggestions about what to do in certain situations and I get the same from him. I honestly think that having each other has saved us both from having astronomically high therapy bills, because let’s be honest, there’s a fair amount of PTSD and trauma that’s been had by both of us. We’re both flawed. Perfectly flawed. I’m beyond thankful and blessed to have him to lean on in hard times. He is my rock.

I understand fully that he’ll miss special days; birthdays, dinners, anniversaries, holidays, etc. He knows I’ll also miss important dates. We’re both fine with this. I realize the dangers of his job. I’ve managed to remain calm after every one of his, “There’s a barricaded subject shooting at people and I’m my way over there” or “I’m on my way to a high profile search warrant” text messages. I still feel massive relief when he comes home after one of those call-outs at 2AM and I hear footsteps on the floor and velcro coming undone. Being a LEOWife is definitely not for the faint of heart. I know that I’ll always have to sit with my back to the rest of the room because he has to have the tactical seat where he can see the door and everything happening. I know I’ll always have to take the seat on his non-gun side… Just in case. I know there will be phone calls in the middle of the night for crime scene call-outs. We all know the not-so-fun parts, the idiosyncrasies of the job. They’re minor inconveniences. To those of you that toe that thin blue line behind your LEOs, STAND TALL AND STAY STRONG! You have no idea how much your other half needs your strength. And as always; if anybody needs to bend an ear or needs an impartial opinion, feel free to message me!

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