So there I was; sitting at work. Daydreaming away. Wanderlust bit me. It has me thinking about how the last vacation that my husband and I went on was almost 2 years ago. TWO YEARS ago. I need some sun! Some sand! A break from normal!

Normally, tropical is my g0-to. We love nothing more than just vegging out in a lounge chair, listening to waves, catching sun, and sipping on boozy drinks with colorful paper umbrellas in them. This year, however, we’re planning a retreat to “The Lakehouse” as we call it. We’re lucky enough that my Aunt and Uncle built a vacation “cabin” in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Watersmeet to be exact. It’s isolated, quiet, and beautiful.

Love Michigan
I love Michigan!

Our stay usually consists of a quick trip to pick up the bare necessities (food and alcohol), the usual drive to Little Bohemia Lodge for lunch, taking the newbies that came with us to the Paulding Light , a day trip to the Porcupine Mountains, a stop at Bond Falls , plenty of bonfires and days spent on the deck.

Lake Side Bonfire

Obviously, since it’s a lake house, there are plenty of options for water sports! Our favorites are the ol’ party barges, kayaks, paddle boats, oversized rafts, and wave runners!

Paddle Boat

So. Much. Wildlife.

One of my absolute favorite parts of vacations in the Northwoods? The animals! The U.P. is absolutely full of all kinds of little fur covered critters! They. Are. Everywhere.

Bald Eagle

Thinking back to all of the trips I’ve taken to the Northwoods with family, friends, and now my husband; I really do think it’s one of my favorite places on the planet. Besides all of the activities, beauty, wildlife, and everything else; the weather in the summer months is phenomenal. Warm during the days and cool at nights. There’s nothing better than bonfire and hoodie weather in the middle of summer.

The Sunsets Will Suck You In

I’ll admit it. I’m a HUGE sucker for sunsets. Talking about it right now makes me want to chase even more sunsets. As a result of this obsession, I take sunset pics. A bunch of them! There’s nothing more relaxing than watching your day come to an end while drinking a cold beer while watching a perfect sunset.

Lake Sunset Between Trees
Rainbow Sunset
Sunset Over Lake Channel
Sunset Over Fisherman

Rent A Cabin And Kick Back

Hotels are scarce, but there are a few here and there. While they’re mostly Mom & Pop joints that dotted the country years back, there are a couple hidden amongst the trees and lakes! If you’re adventurous there are plenty of campgrounds and other places to park your tent or glamper for the night! However, my favorite way to find lodging is using Airbnb. It’s super easy and you can find some amazing homes to stay in. Seriously, if you’re looking for someplace to vacation to and forget the world for a few days, look into the Upper Peninsula. You won’t regret it! It’s definitely a cure for any Wanderlust that bites you!

Up North

“It’s the place people go to escape,
A place made of cabins, pine trees and lakes
But no matter how far you drive
There’s no sign to say “you’ve arrived”
So just follow your heart till you find…
Your special place that brings peace of mind
As you breathe in the air and unwind…
Your cares are all left behind
It’s no mystery where the northwoods start
When you arrive Up North you’ll know
In your Heart”

Suzanne Kindler

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