A Simple ‘Thank You’ Is Never Enough

This is a quick post, or at least I hope it is!

Sunday May 12th, 2019 was the first day of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Week. It’s one week set aside and dedicated to show appreciation for those who currently walk the Thin Blue Line and to remember those who defended the Line and paid the ultimate price.

A simple thank you is never enough, in my opinion. Law enforcement across the country has it rough. Every movement and decision they make is constantly under the microscope. Armchair quarterbacks across the country weigh in with their “shoulda, woulda, coulda’s” all of the time.

I, for one, am extremely thankful. I see the dedication and pride behind the badge. I wore the badge and know first hand the responsibilities that come with it. To those of you out there keeping watch, “Thank You”. Your vigilance doesn’t go unnoticed. Your sacrifices are widely known. Your scars are not for nothing. You are all heroes and sheroes.

To those that paid the ultimate price and laid down their life so that another may live, we can never repay you. Your memory will live on forever and your legacy will remain.

For the families of those watching the herd, “Thank You.” Take care of your officers! We know you have their six at home!

Though a simple thank you doesn’t feel like enough, it sure goes a long way!

Thank you
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